2011 a mixed year for Japanese Auto Industry

The year 2011 is about to end. If we look behind, this year was a mixed year in Japanese automobile market.┬áThe March 2011 strongest earthquake and tsunami damaged various production plants of Japanese auto-makers. Strong Japanese Yen against US Dollar and any currency in the world give another jolt and further damage to Japan’s auto industry. The Japanese car manufacturing companies loose huge orders of new Japanese cars due to production delay. But this situation open a wide chances for non Japanese car makers specially German car-makers BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen etc. These German auto-makers such as Mercedes-Benz Japan and BMW Japan already have outlets in Japan from decades and enjoying good sales in Japanese domestic market.

After the natural disaster, BMW Japan mark highest sales in terms of quantities. Mercedes-Benz Japan also break previous record of sales in Japan comparatively with same period last year. The only successful local industry in Japan this year was Japanese used car dealers, who reached a maximum sales record. The reason of increase of used Japanese cars after tsunami and deadly quake as mentioned earlier was production delay of new Japanese cars. The delay also result the prices hike of Japanese used cars. But Japanese used car exporters were unable to get benefit of increasing sales due to strong Japanese Yen.